Mohammed Arramdani N.D.is the founder of Natroheal ,a new company that provides new tested solutions ,to support and prevent diseases harbouring in the human tissues on the cellular level.

As a Nutritional Therapist ,he has combined advanced scientific methods with complementary medicine and the wisdom of ancient traditions to create an advanced system for human health based on his Health Triangle system: Cleanse, Strengthen and Nurture. This system enables him to deliver a patient/practitioner healing approach that accesses the root cause of illness rather than just treat the symptoms.

Using the health triangle you will journey with him on an assessment of your lifestyle and any psycho-emotional imbalances that contribute to ill health, resulting in a health road map + programme that help rebalances anything that is in the way of your good health and wellbeing.

In addition to his naturopathic work, Arramdani brings over 30 years experience of leading mindful and heartful meditation that will enable you to connect with yourself at a deep and insightful level.

look forward to work with you.