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HANACID is a natural formula designed to change partially the acidic environment in the stomach without suppressing  the stomach hydrochloric acid secretion (HCI), it help control bad bacterial growth, it help  neutralise the acid in the stomach after digestion and that is why it should be taken 2 hours before or after food  .The combination of magnesium oxide , pyridoxine ,and other mineral salts regulate the ph leaving your stomach at ease, eliminating acid reflux.




Dear Dr Arramdani thank you very much for the Hanacid  since i start taking it   my Acid reflux

completely stopped , for years i used to live with the uncomforted state  of acid burning reaching my throat now thank to God i am fine .

keep the good work.



Shiekh walid SAID :

I go to sleep and woke up with acid eating my throat ,very uncomfortable, after taking Hanacid  thanks to God no more acid pain . I give it 8 over 10

Walid Abu shakra